About Us

Jepco Media is a full service News and PR marketing firm that has created partnerships with many of  America’s largest and emerging businesses for over twenty years. We help are clients evolve, promote, and protect their brands and reputations!

Jepco Media currently owns and operates over four-hundred online news and  unique websites with a data base of over two and a half million online subscribers and fifteen hundred subscribers that are currently members of the press worldwide.

Jepco Media ranks high as one of Go Daddy’s top re-sellers of domains and hosting services.
Jepco Media concentrates on building hand picked licensees and partners such as Business Wire, and Constant Contact Email Marketing Solutions, that are loyal and value for our brand.

 About the Jepco Brand

The Jepco Brand was founded by Jim Edwards of Boston, Ma in the early eighties until 1998 and re-located to Las Vegas, Nevada now still the company’s corporate headquarters. After all of these years “Jepco” has grown but still operates with the same company mission: trust and good business values.

The Jepco Brand has a unique talent pool of writers, editors, photographers, designers and producers—all dedicated to providing efficient, high quality coverage in an exciting and professional way. Our writers and photojournalists gather news of interest, newsworthy stories, and images while covering major events, and trade shows from ” Coast to Coast. ” Our founder, and principal owners have worked over the past twenty years as photojournalists.reporters, freelance contributors, and freelance photographers covering all types of news and media events around the world. Our staff writers and photographers have developed relationships with key media people in the fields of Television, Radio, Print and the World Wide Web.

The Jepco Brand news website ETSN.news content is used by over 14,000 reporters, writers, editors and producers worldwide. A scheduled email service is provided to our database members. Scheduled emails contain feature stories, new product announcements, images, videos and informative information about the events and trade shows we have covered.  

The Jepco Brand readers and the 2.5 million online newsletter subscribers include CEO’s, Directors, Decision Makers, Manufacturers, Consultants, Satellite Television Contractors, Installers, Cable/Satellite Operators, Telecom Analysts, Dealers, Distributors, Re-sellers, Wireless Device Manufacturers, ISP’s, Systems integrator, Software Developers, IT managers, Web & Digital professionals, Engineers, Analysts, Technicians, Institutes, Advertising and Promotions Managers, Operation Managers, Telecommunications Engineering Specialists, Broadcast Technicians, Program Directors, Technical Directors/Managers, Radio and Television Announcers, Producers and Directors, Media and Communication Workers, Public Relations and Fundraising Managers, Audio and Video Equipment Technicians, Radio Operators, Social and Community Service Managers, Advertising Sales Agents, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Editors, Printing Press Operators, Desktop Publishers and many more. Other Industries : Oil & Gas, Energy & Utility, Health Care, Transportation, IT Security, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Construction, Publishing and Printing, Semiconductors, and Security.

The Jepco Brand focuses on building loyalty and value with our licensees and media partners through a unique combination of great service, excellent products, unsurpassed distribution, operational excellence and technology leadership.We concentrate on building hand picked licensees and partners such as Business Wire, and Constant Contact, that are loyal and value for our brand.